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Content Records, Publishing, Scheduling, and Versioning

6m 04s

This one's a bit of a meta video, where we don't create anything new, but just look into common workflows and information available to us on the content record info sidebar.

  • All records give us some useful record metadata on things like who's created content, when it was created, and when it was edited. While these fields have importance on the frontend for querying content chronologically (like with blog posts) for example, they also give us editors the ability to sort our content views as we like, giving us some customization.

  • On the Publishing section we have the ability to look into who published content and when, and depending on which workflow stages you have available to you in your project, you can move things around from a published stage to another. If you have localizations enabled, this is also where you can select to unpublish the entire record, or only do so specifically for a certian locale.

  • Then we have the scheduling section which gives us the ability to schedule publishing and unpublishing actions for future days, per locale. A great feature for time-bound records that have to do with things like offers or promotions, scheduling gives us the peace of mind to know that the CMS will handle things in the future without us needing to remember to intervene!

  • Following that is the Links area, where we can see which other records this record is connected to. For example, when we take a look at one of the authors, we can see all blog posts they're related to. Another nifty view for knowing what other content would get affected if we make changes to and/or delete the record we're looking at.

  • Last up we've got the versions section. This is where you get a chronological view of all the changes this record has had (as long as they were saved and/or published), to get a side-by-side comparison of changes. You can revert content to a previous version if you decide that the most recent version isn't to your liking, for example. How many versions you have available to you depends on which DatoCMS plan you're on.

Note: The sidebar can change depending on your usage of plugins. In one of the following videos we cover how the side-by-side preview changes how the sidebar looks and behaves.