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Understanding SEO in DatoCMS

12m 51s

This video switches context a bit, between giving a high level understanding of how important the technical implementation of the website is to follow best practices when it comes to SEO, as well as a little look into how DatoCMS enables devs to implement SEO well.

We then move on to understanding how DatoCMS offers some in-built optimization settings for asset SEO and how our CDN works for that, before getting into the CMS to show certain best practices for things like favicons, Open Graph tags, and content creation.

We'll also take a quick cheeky look into Asset SEO on a per-image basis, since DatoCMS offers fields for titles, altText, and other metadata within the Media Area.

While it's definitely best to follow best-practices on on-page and off-page SEO on an ongoing basis and to maintain content hygiene, Dato makes some things simpler for us as content editors.

Note: While DatoCMS does offer a blanket noIndex option that applies to the whole project, it's only recommended to use this while the project is in development mode, and not as a toggle for ongoing sitemap refactors. For individual content records, it's best to handle _noIndex per record.

For a higher-level conceptual understanding of Headless CMS and SEO, check out our Academy post on the topic.