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Building Pages and Deep Dive into Modular Content

17m 56s

This is a heavy and packed video, so grab a coffee! We're going to be walking through 4 common approaches that we ourselves take at DatoCMS, when working with the CMS and building pages:

  • A low-touch CMS page where most of the content is handled via the frontend and code, such as our blog index on /blog,

  • An index page for /case-studies where we link the page to individual case studies, and drag and drop them based on how we want them to appear on the website,

  • A resources page for /resources that looks at the option of ordered records, where editors can arrange all the records of a model for when we don't want to have a seperate model to link to, and

  • A homepage, using our marketing website starter in context, to showcase the power of a visual drag-and-drop experience using only modular content and a plugin for live previews.

You can try the full potential of Modular Content yourself by spinning up a new project using either our marketing or eCommerce starters! Give them a spin.