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Working Together - Creating Our First Case Study

10m 41s

Now that we've got a hang of creating records and enriching content with blocks, let's go ahead and create our first full record - a case study.

This model tackles using quite a few fields - we've got text, modular content, links, and SEO fields.

So to prep our case study content, let's first create a new person, this time, selecting them as our customer.

When enriching this person with the testimonial block, let's also attach a video that we've got from the case study interview - however, be wary of any gotcha moments as we try to upload an .flv to a field where we'd kept a validation to only accept .mp4. The "wrong" file will be uploaded, processed, and available in the media area, but we won't be able to save this testimonial with that file since it doesn't pass the validation.

Once we've got the person ready, let's go ahead and actually create our case study. Now we can add in all the content for the fields, such as the title, slug, and description, before making use of the link field to associate the customer with this case study.

The actual content for the case itself is going to be a combination of modular content blocks, since we'd said we wanted a relatively flexible layout in terms of how content is arranged, but we didn't want to deviate from the acceptable content formats themselves.

So we'll drop in a few content blocks, statistics, and FAQs to complete our first case study and publish it.

This will also be the first time we encounter the SEO fields in practice, giving us a preview into how our case study would look on SERPs, as well as on some social and chat platforms where we might commonly want to share these links.