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Working Together - Creating Our First Blog Post

8m 48s

In this video we're going to tackle creating blog posts! However, we're going to be splitting the flow into two videos - in this one, we'll zip through the whole flow of what creating a blog post would look like, and in the next video we'll do a deep dive into the Structured Text field, to get a feel of all the features and capabilities that field gives us.

When creating this post, we're also going to see how having an asset field as part of the model, unlike with the case study, changes our previews when looking at SERPs and social platforms.

Since the next video will cover the Structured Text field, in this one we'll take a look at other workflows we're used to working with - like copy-pasting content over from popular platforms like Google Docs or Notion - to see how content and its formatting comes through into DatoCMS.

We'll take a small sneak peek into slash commands regardless, as we enrich our post with images, before moving on to looking at how localizations work in DatoCMS as we localize this blog post into Italian as well.