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Deep Dive into Structured Text in DatoCMS

14m 38s

This video is all about the magicπŸͺ„ of the Structured Text field! If you haven't taken a look at it in Chapter 2, it's highly recommended to check out the promo video from when we released this feature that summarizes ALL the possibilities with this field πŸ‘‡

As we work together on creating a blog post from scratch, we're going to see how slash commands and/or typing in markdown in "focus mode" give us a really smooth and immersive content creation experience. Many of us are used to creating content in other tools and then just pasting them over to the CMS, but that's a thing of the past when working with this field!

As we create content, embed media, and do some formatting, we'll also see how we can expand this model to accept new media types (like a PDF) and blocks, and see how certain validations restrict us from creating content we're not supposed to (such as going beyond H2).