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Working Together - Enriching Content With Blocks

12m 24s

In this video we're going to achieve 4 things together:

  • First, we'll improve the Person model to associate them with a "category" of an author, a customer, or "other". This is because we'd said we wanted the person model to be relatively "use-case agnostic" and be used fluidly across the project, rather than having different models for authors and for customers. This is by no means the "best" or the "right" approach, but just one of the many approaches you can take for models that need to be associated with others for various reasons.

  • Next up we'll fix my mistakes evolve our schema to remove the asset field from the contact info block, and move it into the person model itself. This is for 2 reasons:

    • First, people have an avatar even if they have no contact info associated with them, and

    • Secondly, by having an asset field as part of the model itself, we give ourselves a prettier UI when previewing all the content on the content view, since we can't bring out the content from blocks.

  • Third, we're going to create some new people, they'll all be of the author category, and

  • Lastly, we'll start enriching the people we've created with some contact info to look at how creating content in blocks looks like.