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June 20th, 2024
Introducing Deep Filtering, for a more flexible approach to content queries

We're thrilled to announce the public beta launch of Deep Filtering, a powerful new feature in the Content Delivery API of DatoCMS. With Deep Filtering, you can now filter records based on the content within their embedded blocks, offering more flexibility and control to your Graph.

WordPress vs DatoCMS: Which Is Better For Your Needs?

Let's dig into this WordPress vs DatoCMS comparison, analyzing the features offered by the two tools to figure out which CMS best suits your needs.

August update: a peek under our hood!

In the quiet of the summer, we're hard at work. No flashy updates, just dedicated refinement beneath the product's surface. Curious about the behind-the-scenes? Dive in. But if you seek the usual news, we'll catch up next time. Depth over dazzle, always.

Introducing Per-Locale Publishing: reach new audiences faster with DatoCMS

Reach new audiences faster and work more efficiently with DatoCMS's latest feature, allowing teams to publish content for a single locale independent of other locales in their project. Streamline your content creation process and maximize productivity today.

May Update: Plugins, Starters, and a lot of improvements

This past month, we've introduced new hooks in Plugins SDK, a fresh Starter project, advanced visualization and export options for your project's schema, and many more updates. Our nimbleness allows us to move, adjust, adapt, and get things done, embodying Jason Fried's praise for the power of small.

How to Localize Your CMS Content for Global Audiences

In today's global marketplace, it's becoming increasingly important for businesses to tailor their content to specific regions and cultures. Content localization, the process of adapting content for specific markets, can help businesses reach new audiences and increase their market share.

Introducing ThumbHash - The Compact Placeholder with Alpha Support

Every image stored in every DatoCMS project now has a ThumbHash! Learn why it's better than BlurHash in this announcement post.

March Update: Springing Forward with Better Organization!

Discover our latest features: Organizations for clients and agencies, enhancing collaboration and simplifying project management. Unlock potential with our new Partner Program and enjoy a streamlined experience.

September Update: what comes out of the top hat?

Our new Product Marketer, Alessio, is diving into customer feedback to improve DatoCMS. We're introducing Deep Filtering in our API, revamping the navigation UI, and launching an extensive Starter Project with Next.JS+Tailwind. Your input shapes our future—thank you!

Cybernews interviews DatoCMS: inspiration, differentiation, and the future of CMSs

Cybernews, an online magazine renowned for its focus on technology and security, recently sat down with Matteo Papadopoulos from DatoCMS. The insightful interview delved into the emerging world of headless CMS, a cutting-edge approach that's reshaping the digital landscape.

July Update: Content Link and Per-locale publishing

DatoCMS unveils Content Link (formerly Visual Editing) for Vercel, enabling one-click navigation to corresponding content location for effortless updates. Also introduced is Per-Locale Publishing, streamlining multilingual content creation and reaching audiences faster

Introducing Content Link, for Vercel and DatoCMS Enterprise customers

Click, edit, done: discover how DatoCMS and Vercel's innovative collaboration simplifies content management and editing, saving time and effort for developers and content creators.

Headless CMS vs Flat-File CMS: Main Differences

The evolution of CMS technology has given rise to several approaches to content management, including headless CMS and flat-file CMS, let's find out the main differences. 

April Update: blooming with ThumbHash, Fast Fork and a lot of colors!

Discover the latest DatoCMS updates, including ThumbHash, Fast Fork, and HTML sanitization, while also exploring our new partner program and an exciting project from Antinomy Studio.

How to Build a Blog in Svelte With a Headless CMS

A headless CMS is an excellent choice for creating a fast, flexible, and easy-to-manage Svelte blog. By decoupling content management from presentation, a headless CMS offers great flexibility and scalability when it comes to content distribution. In this tutorial, you will find out how to build a blog with SvelteKit and a headless CMS.

How To Build a Blog With Nuxt and a Headless CMS

Follow this tutorial and learn how to build a blog using Nuxt and a headless CMS for content management!