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Content Delivery API is written in GraphQL. GraphQL clearly defines the operations supported by the API, including input arguments and possible responses, offering an unfailing contract that specifies the capabilities of an API. Your clients can retrieve exactly the data they need from the API.

Visual model builder

Rich text fields, images, geopoints, complex relationships, SEO/social sharing settings... DatoCMS makes it easy to build a tailored authoring experience for your editors and marketers.

Create any kind of object — pages, products, case studies. Just drag and drop fields into your model and everything will be instantly editable.


If you need to know when data has changed in one your projects, you can create customized webhooks to get HTTP notifications as soon the events occur. You can connect DatoCMS webhooks to any endpoint you like — for example some custom AWS lambda function or integrate/sync DatoCMS data with third-party systems.

Powerful image manipulation

Every DatoCMS plan comes with the power of Imgix, a extremely powerful and fast CDN that allows you to perform any kind of manipulation to the uploaded assets.

Optimize, resize, crop, rotate and watermark images on-the-fly simply adding custom parameters to the URL of your image.

Dynamic layouts

With DatoCMS you can achieve structured, rich-content editing using a specific type of field called Modular Content.

Give your authors the freedom to compose inspiring visual stories by alternating a number of reusable custom components without depending on the development team.

100% Whitelabel

Customize theme colors, logo, custom domain.. you can easily setup DatoCMS to match your — or your clients' — brand identity.

We don't want to get in the way: your editors will hardly notice the presence of a third-party CMS.

User roles

Build the perfect publication workflow for your team, precisely determining what actions every team member can perform inside the administrative area.

Zero risks, all rewards.


DatoCMS offers full localization support. All your content types and assets can be localizable, including rich text, images, geopoints and especially your URLs.


While DatoCMS offers a great number of fields with different appearance configurations, it’s obvious we cannot cover every possible scenario.

Plugins allow developers to provide an amazing experience for DatoCMS editors, by replacing or customising the default fields with third-party HTML5 applications as well as allowing custom applications to live in the sidebar.

Customizable navigation bar

When your website gets bigger, the number of models in your administrative area will grow as well, so for editors it might quickly become difficult to understand which part of the backend is linked to which part of the frontend website.

With DatoCMS you can easily organize the navigation bar of your administrative area: group, rename and reorder menu items so that their purpose will be more clear to your editors.

Strong consistent API

DatoCMS offers an all-encompassing, strong API you can rely on to build scripts and automate anything.

A subtle, but fundamental difference from other competitors is that we offer immediate consistency instead of eventual consistency: this means that your actions will always be predictable — an especially important property to have during import/export of data.


We take the security of our users very seriously.

Both the administrative area and the API run on HTTPS, we have continuous data protection in place, and you can even enforce two-factor authentication to your editors using the Google Authenticator app.

Tree-like structures

Taxonomies, product categories, navigation bars... websites are full of hierarchical data. DatoCMS is the only headless CMS that supports tree-like data structures out-of-the-box, offering a delightful editing experience for your editors and marketers.

Single instance models

Most headless CMS solutions only allow the creation of collections of objects (ie. articles, case studies, etc.), but websites often have pages that don’t resemble any other — eg. the "About us" page, or even the homepage.

If you want to allow your editors to manage their content, in DatoCMS you can create what we call single instance models.

Revision History

Never lose a change thanks to revision history: DatoCMS keeps track of all drafts and publications of your content, in a simple concise view, displayed together with the change date and its author.

DatoCMS offers a powerful diff visualization of changes between content revisions. Preview what has changed not only in rich text, but also in images, links, geopoints, and every other rich fragment.

Draft/Published records

Create content and publish them when you feel that are ready. That is, when you create a new record or update one of your existing ones, those changes are no longer immediately reflected in the API; you can keep editing your content as long as you want, and make it public and visible to everyone when it's complete.

Search engine

If you're using DatoCMS to build a static website, you'll be happy to know that we support an easy way to offer to your website visitors site-wide search functionality at no additional cost.

You can think of DatoCMS Search as a replacement for the now discontinued Google Site Search: just add our themable Javascript widget, we'll take care of the rest.

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