All the field types you need

Strings, booleans, numbers, geo-points, files, images, SEO settings.. DatoCMS makes it easy to generate great administrative areas in no time thanks to its numerous field types.

Build your forms just the way you want, with no extra crap.

Imgix Image Processing

Every DatoCMS plan comes with the power of Imgix image processing, allowing you to ie. resize, crop, rotate and watermark images, easily & on-the-fly.

Check out the Imgix website to learn more about all the different manipulations available for free.


Localization allows you to add multiple versions of your content in different languages. DatoCMS makes localization easy so your content can reach a global audience.

Secure by default

Content stored in DatoCMS and delivered by the API is protected with 256-bit SSL encryption. You can also restrict access to your content by adding optional access tokens located in the Settings tab in your DatoCMS bucket.

Custom domains

With DatoCMS each site administrative area can be linked a to a custom domain (eg. to provide a seamless integration with your sites.

Team friendly

DatoCMS allows you to add your team members for seamless collaboration. Easily set their role to be either an Admin or Editor allowing each team member to only see what they need to get their job done.